4 in. UN-NETTED Wet Foam Ball- 36/case

NO EXPIDITED SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE on the FNBA series product from FloraCraft.
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Our wet foam Ball or wet foam sphere arrangers provide quick and easy solutions for arranging fresh flowers in round or dome shapes. Available in a number of diameter wet foam ball sizes either with or without netting wrap for strength, as well as in a, un-netted half wet foam ball. Excellent for topiary arrangements, kissing balls, or any number of other decorating ideas where a wet flower foam ball is required. Much easier than trying to form your own wet floral foam balls from a standard oasis brick.
Select from four sizes:
FNBA3BB 3" Diam un-netted, 48/case
FNBA4BB 4" Diam, 36/case
FNBA6BB 6" Diam, 12/case
FNBA8BB 8" Diam, 12/case
FFHB42S 4" Half-ball, 36/case

SYND673-60-07N, 3 inch, 60/case
SYND674-20-07N, 4.5 inch, 20/case
SYND676-20-07N, 6 inch, 20/case
SYND678-09-07N, 8 inch 9/case

Price is per case

All 8" balls are "oversize" for shipping. Freight cost is high compared to the smaller sizes.


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