8-bucket Metal Silk Flower Display Rack


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This wonderful small silk flower display rack is built from steel tubing. The display rack is enamel painted for beautiful effect and durability. Complete with 8 galvanized metal cones (NOT guaranteed to be leak-proof), this silk flower display stand is perfect for showing and selling silk flowers. Or, line the buckets with plastic to prevent leakage and it becomes a fresh flower rack which can fit in a walk-in cooler. Cone size with this flower display rack is 5.5″ Diameter X 16″ deep. If you need shallower cones to fit shorter stemmed flowers, just insert a piece of styrofoam or floral foam to make the cone the desired depth. The Rack dimensions are 41″ high X 29″ wide X 7″ out from the wall.

The frame comes fully assembled. Just insert the buckets and put out on the sales counter or a table and begin selling.

NOTE: Because the rack ships fully assembled as a one-piece frame, the freight on the rack is somewhat high.

.Price is per rack.

ATTENTION CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: This item must ship to CANADA through a freight forwarder of your choice.

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