Aquafoam Wet Floral Foam Designer Rings With Tray- SOLD OUT for 2022.


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SOLD OUT for 2022.


Foam Designer rings with clear tray makes building centerpieces a snap. Also very popular for making Advent Wreaths. Just soak the foam, put back in the tray and start designing. If your Church is doing Advent Wreaths this year, our wet foam Designer Rings will make the Advent Wreath project a great success.

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Foam is 1 3/4″ wide on both ring sizes.
#6032 8.5″ Diameter Ring with Clear Plastic Tray. Hole is 4 3/4″. 8/cs
#6033 11″ Diameter Ring with Clear Plastic tray. Hole is 7 1/4″. 6/cs
Price is for case.