CEL-Sheets, 1.6 Mil Clear Flower Wrap Sheets


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Wrapping flowers is an Easy job when you are wrapping with our Pre-Cut “Cel-Sheets”.

Just roll the sheet around your flower bouquet, stems or bouquet, and TAPE or tie with ribbon or raffia, giving the flowers both protection from the elements, and a beautiful, professional look. Just add your favorite ribbon or raffia tie to complete your perfect presentation.

Made from thicker 1.6 mil heavy-weight clear Cellane sheeting, each Cel-Sheet is an individual clear sheet. Being a single sheet, this totally eliminates the time-consuming sheet-separation and “tear-off” hassles associated with those sheets that come stuck together on a pad, thus speeding up your flower packaging process. AND… they are both THICKER, and COST LESS than those “Padded” sheets

Cel-Sheets come stacked with 1000 sheets 14″ X 20″, or 500 sheets 20″ X 24″ per pack. Just cut off the end of the package and pull each sheet out as needed.

Cel-Sheets are stocked in two sizes:
14 X 20″ for smaller bouquets and multiple stems.
20 X 24″ used for the larger bunches and bouquets.

Use them in either direction for the versatility of allowing either longer or shorter stems to be wrapped with one sheet size.

CUSTOM SIZES also available. Call for information!

Prices are per package.