Classic (Shiny Mylar) Finish) Kwik-Covers


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Preformed pot cover, Pressure-formed to cover grower pots. Our Classic (Medium-Shiny Mylar finish) “Kwik-Covers” are a very economical upgrade for your green or blooming plants. For a High shine, see our Luster series.

Available in NINE beautiful shiny colors and TEN pot sizes (see options below for color availability):
4″, packed 400 per case.
4.5″, packed 400 per case.
6″ Standard, packed 250 per case.
6.5″ Azalea, packed 250/case..
7″ , packed 150 per case.
8″ Standard, packed 150 per case.
10″ Standard, packed 100 per case.
10″ PN (Squat) , packed 100 per case

NOTE: ALL orders of Kwik-Covers above $500.00 receive a $10.00 PER CASE freight credit. You may combine SIZES and COLORS of Kwik-Covers to qualify! The more you buy, the more you save!

Price is per Case.