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Preformed pot cover, Pressure-formed to cover grower pots. Our Classic (Shiny Mylar finish) "Kwik-Covers" are a very economical upgrade for your green or blooming plants.

Available in NINE beautiful shiny colors and TEN pot sizes (see options below for color availability):
4", packed ??? per case.
4.5", packed ??? per case.
5" Pot, packed ??? per case.
6" Standard, packed ??? per case.
6" THF Pot, packed ??? per case.
6.5" Azalea, packed ???/case..
7" , packed ??? per case.
8" Standard, packed ??? per case.
" Standard, packed ??? per case.
10" PN , packed ??? per case

NOTE: ALL orders of Kwik-Covers above $500.00 receive a $10.00 PER CASE freight credit. You may combine SIZES and COLORS of Kwik-Covers to qualify! The more you buy, the more you save!

Price is per Case.

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Weight 22 lbs


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