Fresh Flower Vase AquaGems Gel Beads- Liquid Marbles- 12 Pkg per bag

Colorfast AquaGem Colorpacks are a new decorative gelbead or "liquid marbles" used with fresh flowers or by themselves as a decorative piece. When placed in water, they expand to over 100 times their dry size.
Each Colorpack comes with three colors, and makes approximately three quarts of hydrated gems (beads).
This product differs from other Gel Bead products in that they are "colorfast" and will not "bleed" into each other as the three colors in the Colorpack are blended and hydrated together.
Two Colorpack groups to choose from:
#1314 Amethyst/Hot Pink/Topaz
#1315 Sunstone/Citron/Diamond (clear)

Packed 4 Colorpacks/bag (12 packets of 10 grams)
Price is per Bag


Color Assortment * 

Color Assortment

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