BRAND NEW FOR the Holidays 2022 and BEYOND!

You may know them as Speed Covers or KWIK-COVERS but did you know that our cover-up series of formed pot covers is the most popular packaging item used to upgrade potted plants in the WORLD? >They are the unsung hero of the potted plant market. And FloralSupply.Com is proud to introduce KoenPack’s new line of cover-ups made right here in North America.

Cover-Ups come in the most popular 4″, 4 1/2″, 6″, 8″ and 10″ sizes, and come in many bright colors. See our color options below

Producing the pot-covers here in North America also provides some new and important benefits to you, our customers:

• It provides you with additional options like customized prints and a choice of different materials.
• It allows us to produce them in-house, letting KoenPack to control quality.
• It allows us to reduce our use of fossil fuels through eliminating outside shipping to their central warehouses.
By producing our pot-covers in North America we’ve reduced the fossil fuels used to transport those pot-covers from Asia to America. That’s a 95% FREIGHT COST REDUCTION!

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