Large Gel Beads for Fresh Flower Vases- 10 Bags per box

Large Gel Beads. Just like the original smaller gel beads, our Large Gel Beads are Water-Activated, expanding reusable gel beads for fresh flower arranging. Also known as AquaGems, liquid marbles, Water Pearls or Water Beads. Just arrange your fresh flowers directly into the gel-filled vase for a beautiful effect which holds your flowers where you put them.
Each bag contains 10 grams, which, when expanded with water, will make just under one quart volume of approximately 1/2" diameter gelbeads. Flowers drink the water from the gel beads. Just add water to keep flowers fresh.
Try making flower arrangements using our E-luminator Light Base or Submersable FloraLytes to illuminate the vase. What an absolutely Striking effect!
Will not clog drains.

Price is per package of 10 - 14 gram bags.
Keep away from Children! Non-poisenous, but not a good thing to go into the mouth.


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