Large Glass Block Vase Series In Several Sizes


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Large Glass Block Vase With Ground Top Look

With look of hand-ground top and graceful shape, block vases have impacted sales of flowers. Now, purchase these popular and sturdy block shapes when you need vases from Floralsupply.Com. Vases featuring the block styling inspire your creative talents. From 8" block vases to our large 20" tall size vases, all with finished top rims, you're sure to find the perfect large block vases for your flower designing talents from the vast selection offered by Floralsupply.Com.

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Decorative Glass Small Block Vases

Make sure to browse through our large block vase items to find a size and shape that reflects your taste. Whichever vase style you decide to use, you're sure to enjoy the premium-quality vase shape that masterfully captures your floral artistry. What's more, the superior quality standards of the large block vases from Floralsupply.Com are sure to excite your customers each time they see your block vase arrangement selection. It's easy to safely and securely order vases online and quickly receive your vase order, so don't wait to begin making greater markup with these great large block vases. Shop Now!

Price is per case.