The brackets fit either slat wall vase or a pegboard vase applications. They  are GUARANTEED TO LEAK. Do not use for fresh flowers.

The "non-adjustable" vases are available in 0 degree (Vertical), 10 degree, 19 degree, or wide-angle 30 degree tilts.

3 3/4" wide opening allows for easier handling of merchandise. Perfect for visual merchandising of flower stems or bushes and longer items like flags, stick balloons and more.

If you need even deeper vases, you can easily extend the cone by adding one of our 6" "Cone Extenders" as needed.

This line of DAV Vases are versatile merchandisers, floral merchandisers and more that work well in end cap displays, floral bush displays and more.


First- Select the vase angle or extension item that you want.

Second- Select the quantity pack that you will need.


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There are four available vase angles to select from to achieve the look that you want.