Plastic Designer Egg Vase Insert

Want to design faster than ever before? Then try our new Designer Egg flower grids from Syndicate Sales.
These are small egg shapes that are easy to conceal in your floral arrangements. Designed for easy to assemble handheld bouquets, vase arrangements, or table centerpieces. The Lock in design gives designers flexiblility in many design styles.

Each Designer Egg is a multi-sided grid that assists you in placing flowers in a more uniform way, thus saving time and flowers. Similar to our popular EZBOUQUET flower design spheres, each grid is made of recyclable plastic, and gives you a different shape to work with.

Available in either 4" or 6" sizes.

Packed 12 per box (Bulk quantities also available)
Packed 12 per box.

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Weight 26.46 lbs


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