SLEEVE- #605NV Frstd Non-Vented for #606 and #600 box- Pack of 100


Our JetRam “Jetwrap” flower delivery sleeves are made from Polyethylene and Polypropylene for greater strength. They WILL NOT TEAR like clear cellophane or Mylar sleeves do.

These “Nested” sleeves are designed to be used with JetRam’s exclusive “Packaging Pole” system, and work exceptionally well for sleeving plants as well as floral arrangements and vase arrangements.
Designed to be used with JetRam’s “Jetwrap” tapered flower delivery boxes, packaging plants and floral arrangements for delivery is a snap.

Select from six sizes in either clear or frosted, and vented or non-vented:
#601 Jetwrap I, 12″ Bottom X 23″ Top X 28″ Length
#603 Jetwrap II, 14″ Bottom X 28″ Top X 32″ Length
#605 Budvase/Mini Box, 8″ Bottom X 20″ Top X 28″ Length
#607 Jetwrap IIA, 20.5″ Bottom X 36″ Top X 36″ Length
#609 Rosevase, 12″ Bottom X 23″ Top X 36″ Length
#611 Large Rosevase, 13″ Bottom X 32″ Top X 36″ Length

Sleeves Packed 2 “nested” bundles of 50/box
Price is per box