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Over 40 years ago, we started out as a division of a large, national floral supply Rep / Distribution Company serving the six Rocky Mountain States. From that strong business base, in 1990 – at the very dawn of the internet as a business marketing tool – we chose the name Floralsupply.Com and began our internet marketing operation. The rest is History. We are now one of the largest wholesale distributors of floral-related supplies on the entire internet, with several strategically-located distribution points across the Country.

Here to Serve the Needs of the Professional Florist

We offer a full line of floral supplies. We offer the highest quality floral containers, floral foam and other related floral supply items from the finest suppliers in the floral industry. We sell our floral supply products nation-wide to all 50 states via our website www.floralsupply.com and over the phone at 800-827-7366. We welcome you to check out our floral supplies and if you have any questions, please email or give us a call directly for the quickest answers about floral supplies.

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