1.2 MIL Clearphane “SpeedSheets” Clear Flower Wraps With Tape Closure- Select Size


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IF the 14 X 20 and 20 X 24 sizes are OUT OF STOCK, our NEW KWIK-SHEETS are a GREAT alternative!

Wrapping flowers is an Easy job when you are wrapping with “SpeedSheets” from Highland Supply. The pressure-sensitive strip on the Speed Sheets adhere to the wrap, quickly sealing your stem or bouquet, giving it both protection from the elements, and a beautiful, professional look. Don’t let your flowers leave your shop without it.

The following sizes of Speed Sheets are stocked:
7 X 15” used for single stems and small bunches- 1000 sheets per pad (Adhesive along the 15″ side)
14 X 20″ fits smaller bouquets and multiple stems- 1000 sheets per pad (Adhesive along the 14″ side)
20 X 24″ used for the larger bunches and bouquets- 500 sheets per pad (Adhesive along the 20″ side)
Prices are per PAD.