9″ “Mache Beater” Plastic Design Containers- case of 12


Our “Mache Beater” plastic floral container is a versitile floral design container with many floral designing features. Sturdy construction that will never break down with water, and no need for messy tar in the bottom. Attractive textured finish on both green and white colored floral containers.
Select from five sizes:
SYND140, 5.5″ X 5.5″, 48/case
SYND145, 6″ X 6″, 48/case
SYND150, 6.5″ X 6.5″, 36/case
SYND160, 7.5″ 7.5″, 24/case
SYND170, 9″ X 9″, 12/case

Price is per case.

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