Cooler Bucket Plastic Display Cone- Case of 18

These strong, sturdy plastic cooler buckets / display cones are perfect for flower bouquets or bunches of flower stems The shape allows the stems to flare out for better show of the product.

Height =12-3/4"
Rim (tip-to-tip) =8 7/8"
Inside top opening = 7 1/8"
Outside Diameter below the rim = 7 1/4"
Bottom = 3-1/8" accross.

The cone fits perfectly in our #H40145 3-tier flower display rack as well as the USPD, and the PS-6 Pegboard/Slatboard ring bracket (all sold seperately)

Packed 18 cones/case
Price is per case.
This item is a large case so the freight is somewhat high.


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