Fresh Flower Vase Gel Beads Solid Color Pack- Box of 10 bags


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Water-Activated, expanding reusable gel beads for fresh flower arranging. Also known as AquaGems, liquid marbles, Water Pearls or Water Beads, Just arrange your fresh flowers directly into the gel-filled vase for a beautiful effect which holds your flowers where you put them.
Each packet contains 10 grams, enough gelbeads that, when expanded with water, will fill just under one quart of volume of 1/4″ gelbeads. Flowers drink the water from the gel beads. Just add water to keep flowers fresh.
Try making flower arrangements using our E-luminator Light Base or Submersable FloraLytes to illuminate the vase. What an absolutely Striking effect!
Will not clog draiins.
Available in the following colors:
Clear, White, Black, Fuschia Pink, Blue, Purple, Red, Emerald Green, Yellow.
See also Gel Bead Assortments for color assortment packs.

Packed 10 bags solid color per box
Price is per box.
Keep away from Children! Non-poisenous, but not a good thing to go into the mouth.

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