Stardust Organza Colored Floral Wrap Sheets- Case of 1000

Our new Ultra-Non-woven Organza flower sheets is one of the fastest-growing ways to prepare your flower bouquets to leave the shop.

Sized at 20 X 28" and priced under Fifty cents each, they are plenty large enough to handle most sizes of hand-tied bouquets. Being rectangle rather than square, they make sure that your bouquets avoid that "manufactured" or "grocery store" look, and take on a beautiful "soft color and texture" that you can get in no other way as you slip your bouquet through the die-cut hole in the center and gather the sheet up and around the flowers. Just add a coordinating ribbon and send the bouquet with your customer.

A perfect upgrade for Valentines day or Mothers Day. Sell the upgrade for $1.29
Available in several colors

Packed 1000 sheets/case
Price is per case.

Additional information

Weight 66.15 lbs


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