Wired Rhinestone Bouquet Gem Spray- Pack of 12 doz

Our genuine Wired Rhinestone sprays are the most popular #19 stone, with a brilliant fire making for an exquisite look of diamonds. They add instant sparkle to any bouquet or floral arrangement, not to mention being used as hair or body adornment.

16 beautiful colors to choose from as well as the following assortments:
Crystal - Irridescent
Crystal - Irrid - Blk - Blk Diam
Amethyst - Fuschia - Pnk - Purple
Lt Blue - Turqoise - Lt Grn - Yellow
Red - Pink - Rose - Fuschia

Solid Colors boxed 12 doz sprays solid color. Assortments boxed 3 doz of each color per box.
Price is per box.

Prices for assortment packs are calculated from the solid color item base price shown.)

Additional information

Weight 2.205 lbs


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Select Color Assortment

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