Zebra Lady Amhurst Pheasant Side Feather- 30″- Select Quantity


30″ Zebra Pheasant Feathers

30″ Zebra Pheasant Feathers

These RARE but beautiful Lady Amhurst Pheasant feathers look as if halves of two different feathers were combined into one. This is how nature presents them. They are the finest quality Lady Amhurst pheasant feathers available. Taken from the side of the tail, each Lady Amhurst pheasant feather has beautiful, even color and texture.
Use Lady Amhurst pheasant feathers in floral arrangements, displays, costumes, or any of hundreds of other uses.
Our Lady Amhurst pheasant feathers are availble in packs by feather length, and are available in several pack sizes. Also available are Zebra Lady Amhurst pheasant tail feathers

Price is per box.

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